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Wondering what your home is worth in today's real estate market?
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Note: The true value of any home is ultimately determined by how much a buyer is willing to pay for it
Why a home evaluation is so important?

A home evaluation is a Comparative market analysis (CMA) it is an essential part of my job. It is used to determine the value of a property through comparison to similar property transactions located within a certain radius. A CMA will accurately establish a sale price. It will also guide buyers in deciding on a fair offer. Conducting a thorough and professional CMA is critical to minimizing time on the market as well as ensuring that my clients receive or make an offer that is fair and reasonable.
Your Comparative Market Analysis

Initially I will pull comparable properties in your neighbourhood that have recently sold and are currently being offered for sale as well as homes that have (recently) been taken off the market because they did not sell.
Once I have presented the CMA we will tour your home and discuss specific features and upgrades of your home that add or detract from it's market value. You will be educated and informed of a fair market value for your home, as the value we arrive at should be consensual and make all parties happy.